Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Devil's Advocate

Oh I hate to post this site. But one must see the other side to defeat them! The link posted below is a website call the Citizens for Library Standards in schools. Really just a censorhip group. This is their mission statement: "The spirit of this Web site is to encourage the public schools to help our children develop a love of reading and gain a rigorous literary education through excellent literature choices. " They basically are saying that books that have any sexual themes are pornography. What infuriates me most about these groups is insinuating that if a book has any sexual contact, the teen reader is going to out and do absolutely that! Teen readers need to be exposed to a variety of books and content. If a book is a describing an action it doesn't mean that the author is saying go ahead and do it. These censorship groups don't look at the whole work and the action that is offending them, in context to what is going on in the story!! These parents need to worry about their own children and not take others rights away.
http://www.classkc.org/ yuck
and another one:


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